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Charnita is passionate about living in an emotionally safe and authentic world. Before becoming a mom, she was a university teacher, mindfulness author, TEDx speaker, and the founder of a wellness-oriented classroom called Perfect Life Spot. Currently, Charnita offers mindfulness-based personal coaching and courses on developing self-love, emotional intelligence, setting boundaries, and becoming friends with anxiety and anger. All of it can be experienced online on Charnita.com.

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Why I Deprioritized Myself and What I Now Know About Boundaries

“If you do not have needs, you once did.” ~ Marshall Rosenberg

When I was born, my mother did not want me. In the northern part of India, there is still a very strong preference for having a male child. A female child is often seen as a burden because of the social and economic traditions of patriarchy.

Because of this initial rejection, I became highly sensitive to my parents’ inner worlds. In my deep longing to be loved and accepted, I mastered the subtle art of sensing their needs and feelings, becoming a natural caretaker.

I would come back …