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Christine Pondelli is an inspirational writer and self-published children's book author.  Her purpose is to empower people to discover and take pride in their individuality and to live fully by honoring that unique self.  Christine lives in New England and can be reached at c.pondelli@comcast.net.

Fostering the Right Attitude: Know Who You Are

“I urge you to try not to get hung up in the mentality that says ‘I hope I don’t lose him (or her),’ but foster the attitude that says ‘He should be appreciative of having me in his life.'”

I read these words in the midst of a downward emotional spiral, and they grounded me almost immediately.

I was fifty-three when I read Marie’s words. I was in the eighth year of my relationship with my husband and realized that I had become a shell of the woman I was when I first met him. Amidst all the compromises I’d …