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Claire is a Creative, Person-Centred Counsellor and Supervisor working with all age groups but specialising in healing Trauma in Children and Young People. She loves to help others to re-connect and re-claim their own spirituality and authentic selves. You can find Claire’s services here on Facebook. Since losing her husband in 2020 she has also started writing her blog Forever39 where she writes him letters to help her process her grief. You can connect with Claire via her blog here.

Learning to Honor My Grief When the World Has Become Desensitized to Loss

“The answer to the pain of grief is not how to get yourself out of it, but how to support yourself inside it.” ~Unknown 

Since losing my husband Matt over eight months ago to cancer at the age of just thirty-nine, I have noticed so many changes happening within me, and one of those changes is a fierce sense of protectiveness that I have over my grief.

We are living in a unique time in history. The world has turned upside down due to the coronavirus pandemic, and at the time of writing this the UK had just passed 100,000 …