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Dilshad is a spiritual life coach, professional intuitive, and ritual hostess. She works to liberate women energetically from forces seen and unseen, known and unknown—forces that keep women stuck, frustrated, small, and confused. She helps them settle into the clarity of truth, their intuition, and their life purpose. Learn about The Great Unburdening Quest, her FREE 7-day journey to release stuck and dysfunctional energy.

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How a Rescue Dog Helped Heal My Lonely, Longing Heart

“Maybe it’s time for the fighter to be fought for, the holder to be held, and the lover to be loved.” ~Unknown

There’s this cheesy saying I heard once—“Dog, when spelled backwards, is god.” As a companion to my dog, I can honestly say this is truer than you might ever imagine it to be.

There is something special about dogs or perhaps animals in general. They are not plugged into the matrix of human dramas and suffering the way we are entrenched in it. And because they are out of that cycle, in a way, they become our bodhisattvas.…