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Dirkje Bakker-Pierre aka Derrekien is an artist, writer, and spiritual teacher based in Amsterdam whose passion is to inspire people to find their freedom and live from the heart. She creates Freedom Drawings which carry energy to support this goal, she also organizes freestyle creativity workshops, and coaches people in their spiritual awakening process and meditation practice. More about her work at loveandothernecessities.com. Follow her Instagram for daily inspiration, drawings, and quotes.

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5 Easy Exercises That Will Make You Lose Your Mind

“Lose your mind so that you can gain a new way of knowing.” ~Holly Lynn Payne

You know those moments when your thoughts seem to be going off in all directions? No logic, no control. All fighting for your attention like a class full of overexcited school children, one shouting even louder than the other at a teacher who’s lost control and ends up running out of the classroom crying.

“What if I don’t get this job?”

“What if they don’t like me?”

“Why hasn’t Rico returned my calls?”

“What if he doesn’t really love me?”

“Did I …