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Elizabeth is a licensed psychotherapist, writer and reiki master practitioner. She uses Internal Family Systems therapy, nervous system support and right-brained experiences to empower your inner wisdom and promote whole-brain healing so that you can live the life of value you deserve. To receive her free Five Day Nature Wellness Reset or to subscribe to her newsletter, visit www.heartsighthealing.com.

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Try This Fun Little Phrase to Immediately Boost Your Joy

“Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.” ~Karl Barth

I had no way of knowing when I went to visit my brother’s family that summer in 2019 that my three-year-old niece would say seven words that would forever change my relationship with joy.

It was July and predictably steamy in Georgia where his family lives. I was visiting to meet my newborn nephew, and the stifling heat kept us all inside for most of my stay.

The second morning after I arrived, I was spending time with my younger niece and keeping her entertained. My older niece was at a …