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Gail Bergan is a technical editor/writer and desktop publisher who lives in Houston, Texas and has been self-employed for more than twenty-five years, serving the oil and gas industry. She recently started publishing Gail’s Story, a memoir short-story blog at www.gailsstory.com.

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When a Mother Fails to Love: What’s Helped Me Move On

“You keep meeting the same person in different bodies until you learn the lesson.” ~Brandon Tarot

Like most girls in junior high school, I tried out for all the cheerleading squads every time tryouts came around—basketball, football, even wrestling. And like 95% of the girls, I never made the squad.

My kicks weren’t high enough, my splits weren’t split enough, my arms weren’t board-straight enough, I couldn’t jump high enough—and, let’s be real here: I wasn’t pretty enough and I wasn’t popular enough. After all, we are talking about junior high school.

But eventually, the one tryout came around that …