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Introverted mother in Singapore who enjoys writing, coffee, dogs as well as chats with friends and her tweenage daughter. Started Givingroses.com to increase awareness of little things we can do every day to make this world a kinder place, like civility and empathy at work and at home. Would love to share ideas and stories to grow and learn together.

The Introvert’s Brain: Why They Might “Think Too Much”

“Only those who care about you can hear when you are quiet.” ~Unknown

I find it difficult to be understood. I seem to frequently create complexity out of something that is perhaps very simple and straightforward to others.

For example, going to a movie. For many people, it would be “choose a movie, choose a time, choose a cinema” and there you go.

For me, I check movie reviews, all possible timings, in all possible cinemas. For each timing and location, I will consider if the timing allows other things to be done before and after the movie, and whether …