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Hannah May Marshall is a ditch the diet coach, helping people get off the dieting roller coaster once and for all. She shows people how to lose the food guilt and develop eating habits that bring ease, health and pleasure. If you are ready for a different approach to feeling hot and healthy, visit her at HannahMayMarshall.com.

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You Deserve to Be Happy Now, Not Just When You Reach Your Goal

“We cannot achieve more in life than what we believe in our heart of hearts we deserve to have.” ~James R. Ball

I was a binge eater. At night. Every night. No one would ever have guessed it because I was at a healthy weight. But I believed that my weight was too high a number, so I would try to fix it.

Each morning I would start afresh and eat like a svelte, sexy mouse. I vowed that this time would be different. But each night, to fill the voids I didn’t know were there, I would eat. And …