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There is no better place for Helga to be than in the midst of nature. Just like you, she is continually unlearning what she thought she knew, to discover a deeper way of being present. She believes that the best way to share wholeness and healing in a messy world is in the little interactions we have every day—with others, with nature, and with ourselves.

When It’s Time to Let People Go: How I’ve Lightened My Emotional Load


“Love yourself enough to let go of the people, thoughts, and habits that are weighing you down.” ~Karen Salmansohn

More than a year ago I started unpacking and cleaning out my ‘backpack’ of life in a different way.

I have always tried to remain friends with exes, and even though we didn’t necessarily socialize together, there was still the odd keeping in touch, helping them with a favor, or “Happy Birthday” text.

While most of them are generally nice people, the truth is that if I never dated them, I probably wouldn’t be friends with them now. We’re just on …