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Known as The Life Architect, Generational Shifter, and Top Success Coach, Hilary Porta helps people shatter their deepest limits using brain-based strategies. Leaving behind a successful career as a corporate strategist, Hilary’s spent the last decade diving deep into neuroscience, neurolinguistics programming, cognitive behavior, industrial psychology, metaphysical anatomy and Advanced PSYCH-K®. She is the Founder of R3 International, Inc. and CEO of H. Porta Coaching, a leading-edge transformational company. Read more about Hilary here.

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Deconstructing Shame: How to Break Free from Your Past

“We cannot grow when we are in shame, and we can’t use shame to change ourselves or others.” ~Brené Brown

“I don’t deserve to be happy.”

“I’ll never be good enough.”

“I’m not worthy of love.”

Sound familiar?

I …