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Itoro Bassey is a Nigerian-American writer, mindfulness practitioner and educator. She is the founder of the digital course, From Surviving to Thriving: Becoming Your Own Inner Author.  This course uses writing and energy work to bring students into the present moment. She has been publishing on culture, identity, and healing for over ten years and now offers intuitive counseling sessions for those in need of support. Follow her on Instagram or contact her at

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How to Let Go of Your Family’s Expectations and Be Who You Want to Be

My parents often spoke about coming to America from Nigeria with one portmanteau.

I imagine that their suitcase was filled with their hopes, dreams, and expectations, and in many ways, I feel like I was metaphorically handed this suitcase …

How I’m Mothering the Wounded Kid Inside Who Just Wanted Love

“Bless the daughters who sat carrying the trauma of mothers. Who sat asking for more love and not getting any, carried themselves to light. Bless the daughters who raised themselves.” ~Questions for Ada by Ijeoma Umebinyuo

“I failed you…”

My …