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Ivna Curi is the founder of AssertiveWay.com. She is an advocate for confident, candid, and caring conversations. She empowers professionals to be confident and assertive to reveal their greatness, embrace their ambitions, and contribute their unique impact to the world. Sign up for a free course on how to be assertive, say no, speak up, create boundaries and express yourself effectively at AssertiveWay.com.

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When You Don’t Like Being Nice: What to Do Instead

“Don’t trade your authenticity for approval.” ~Unknown

As a nice person, I am often conflicted because sometimes I don’t enjoy being nice. Sometimes I act nice out of moral obligation or because I’m trying to be consistent with my perceived identity.

Do you view yourself as “nice”? Do others describe you as “nice”? Do you always enjoy being “nice”? If you are unsure how you are perceived by others, ask friends and family to describe you.

I’ve been told how nice I am all my life, by family, friends, coworkers, and even bosses. It was a huge part of my …