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Jay Martynov is an IT professional, blogger, and coach. He helps people to manage stress, build resilience, and create a purposeful life. Jay’s coaching is based on an understanding of behavioral patterns using Enneagram, effective daily routines, and actionable, practical steps. You can find more details on Jay’s website www.jaymartynov.com

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How Pain Can Be a Teacher and Why We Need to Stop Avoiding It

“The strongest hearts have the most scars.” ~Unknown

I always hated pain when growing up. For as long as I can remember I tried to avoid it. Physical pain was uncomfortable, but emotional pain was the real torture. It was sometimes easier to have a fight and stop communicating than to have a challenging conversation.

Disconnecting emotionally and withdrawing from painful experiences was my de facto subconscious strategy. I still pursued goals and succeeded, but this didn’t feel painful to me because I used my passion and bravado to drive through the long hours and grueling work.

If I wasn’t …