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Astrologically speaking, Jess Chua has a Venus in Scorpio (which probably explains most of her tumultuous relationship experiences). Jess writes and edits content for the Optimal Living Daily personal development podcast. She blogs about introverts and related topics on her personal site, Inner Life Goals.

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How to Break Unstable Relationship Patterns

“Being willing to accept responsibility for the situation you’re in is the first step to a more fulfilling love life.” ~Renée Suzanne

Remember the haunting ballad “Foolish Games” by Jewel?

Jewel wrote the song when she was sixteen. She kept a serious journal, and said in an interview that a verse in the song was “about a relationship that I was dramatically involved in on paper.”

That pretty much sums up my first relationship, which was a dramatic pseudo-relationship in many ways. I was sixteen going on seventeen, hopelessly romantic yet shrewdly skeptical of love at the same time. …