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Jessica Vernon, MD, FACOG is a mom, advocate, writer, and board-certified OB/GYN in NYC. She writes to share her own experiences and those of the thousands of women she interacts with as a doctor, to help others know they’re not alone in experiences that don’t line up with the unrealistic expectations set by society. Read her blog on Substack, follow her on Instagram, or connect with her on LinkedIn. For more resources for your reproductive journey, visit Metamorphosis to Mom.

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To the Expectant Mom with a Million Questions and Worries

“Have a little faith in your ability to handle whatever’s coming down the road. Believe that you have the strength and resourcefulness required to tackle whatever challenges come your way. And know that you always have the capacity to make the best of anything. Even if you didn’t want it or ask for it, even if seems scary or hard or unfair, you can make something good of any loss or hardship. You can learn from it, grow from it, help others through it, and maybe even thrive because of it. The future is unknown, but you can know this