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John Britton specializes in presence, interconnection, and creativity. He works as a consultant, teacher, and mentorwith corporate, educational, and community clients, mentoring individuals in applying the 8 Principles of Presence and Communicating With Confidence. He is the author of two books: Encountering Ensemble and Climbing the Mountain and an e-book on the 8 Principles. His course "Be Confident" is on UDEMY. John publishes regularly on Medium: selfwithothers.medium.com.

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How Happiness Sneaks Up on Us If We Stop Chasing It

One day a man met a hungry tiger. He ran. The tiger chased him. Coming to a cliff, he jumped, catching hold of a tree root to stop himself falling to the bottom where, horror upon horror, another tiger waited to eat him.

He hung on for dear life to that thin root.

Then a little mouse appeared and started to nibble at the root. The mouse was hungry and the fibers started to snap.

Just then, the man saw a ripe red strawberry near him, growing from the cliff face. Holding the vine with one hand, he picked the