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Jolinda Johnson (M.S.Ed., CHHC) is an award-winning Certified Life Coach and Holistic Health Coach who specializes in burnout and perimenopause. She’s originally from Detroit, Michigan but has made her home as a single mother for the last fourteen years in Barcelona, Spain. Follow her on Instagram at www.instagram.com/coachjolinda or visit her online at www.jolindajohnson.com.

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I Cheated on Him with My Higher Self (and We’re Still Going Strong)

“It’s okay to let go of those who couldn’t love you. Those who didn’t know how to. Those who failed to even try. It’s okay to outgrow them, because that means you filled the empty space in you with self-love instead. You’re outgrowing them because you’re growing into you. And that’s more than okay, that’s something to celebrate.” ~Angelica Moone

“How could you do this to me? It’s obvious you’re with someone else.”

That was the third and final message I received from my partner of nearly three years, several weeks after we had finally decided to break up. I …