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Julie Bjelland, LMFT, is an HSP psychotherapist, author, and founder of The Sensitive Empowerment Community and The HSP Podcast. Julie's free webinars and online courses help millions of HSPs reduce the challenges of sensitivity, bringing out gifts the world needs. Julie loves connecting in her community and invites you to join this positive, inclusive, sensitive family.

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10 Highly Sensitive People Share What Helps Them Take the Sting Out of Criticism

Criticism can be especially hard for highly sensitive people because we try so hard and we care so much. It’s really fascinating how much it can affect HSPs in particular.

I want to share that because it normalizes our experience, to know we’re not alone in how we experience things. I certainly have developed some tools to help with criticism but can still be impacted at times.

On an anonymous survey I posted, someone wrote that they find my voice so shrill that they could not stand listening to me. I felt the sting.

But it’s important to realize criticisms …