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Just a Girl & Her Strategies is a self-care enthusiast and elementary school counselor-turned-temporary-stay at home (new!) mom in the Mid-Atlantic / DC region. Her experience with high-needs populations and trauma-informed/trauma-responsive work led to a recognition of secondary trauma in herself. This evolved into, by necessity, a fervent dedication to self-care.  Her current passion project is a blog dedicated to practical strategies for personal wellness, A Second for Self-Care, found at asecondforselfcare.com.

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3 Life-Changing Insights for Control Freaks (Lessons from an Ant Infestation)

“Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.”  ~Jean-Paul Sartre

“So did you figure out what your shadow totem is?”

This was the first thing out of my husband’s friend’s mouth as I sat down to dinner at a local downtown restaurant, across from my husband and a couple friends we were meeting up with.

I laughed at the choice of question but then paused with wide eyes and replied, “YES, I DID! Oh my gosh. It’s an ant!”

The backstory is that we had previously had a conversation about animal symbolism, and how figuring out …