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Karen Weissert spent twenty years working in higher education and now devotes her time as a freelance writer and spiritual seeker. She enjoys sharing her words of wisdom on spirituality and meaningful living with her friends and loved ones. Her work also appears online at The Universe Talks, Minimalism Life, and Humanity’s Team. She enjoys daily meditation practice, both city and nature walks, and traveling to new destinations with her spouse. Finally, she is a proud cat mom to a beautiful rescue named Annabelle.

Are You Paying Attention to the Beauty of this World?

“’I got saved by the beauty of the world,’ she said to me. And the beauty of the world was honored in the devotion of her attention. Nothing less than the beauty of the world has become more present, more redemptive, for more of us in the encounter with her poetry.” ~Krista Tippett, on interviewing poet Mary Oliver

The act of paying attention seems rather simple. Simply being aware of life happening all around us. And yet most of us are what we might call asleep at the wheel. We perform daily tasks and engage ourselves in human interactions without …