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Kaycianne is a mild-mannered teacher by day, and a ferocious writer by night. She encourages her students to express themselves in writing in order to realize inner strength they didn’t know they had. A certified health coach and personal trainer, she hosts a yoga and mindfulness class for students to learn breathing and relaxation techniques. Check out her www.heartofhealing.info for more about her story and how she is taking steps along her path to healing.

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How I Healed My Low Self-Worth After Infidelity and Divorce

“It’s okay to let go of those who couldn’t love you. Those who didn’t know how to. Those who failed to even try. It’s okay to outgrow them, because that means you filled the empty space in you with self-love instead. You’re outgrowing them because you’re growing into you. And that’s more than okay, that’s something to celebrate.” ~Angelica Moone

Once upon a time, I met and fell in love with the man of my dreams. He was the most romantic, loving, amazing person I had ever met and for some reason, he wanted to be with me.

I was …