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Kelli Fultz is an adjunct professor at Lindenwood University in St. Louis teaching Psychology and Sociology, and in private practice as a clinical therapist at Sanctuary Within counseling in Edwardsville, Illinois. In addition, she is a lover of sunshine, good books, cheesy movies and all critters great and small.

Out of Every Crisis Comes the Opportunity to be Reborn

“Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity.” ~Og Mandino

In November of 2007 my life burned to the ground—quite literally.

I lost my house, four foster dogs, my sixteen-year-old cat, four pet rats, all of my possessions—and with that, my sense of peace and safety in the world.

I had called every fear I ever had into my life on that one, dark day. In short order, I was homeless, jobless, and for the most part, friendless.

I was downsized from my full-time job, let go from my part-time job of five years (on my birthday), and