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Kelly Fabiano is a life coach that helps moms to end the tug-of-war between career and kids so they can live a fulfilling, balanced life with room for them in it. Through her signature coaching series, workshops, and speaking engagements, Kelly empowers mothers to reconnect with themselves, stop operating from empty all the time, and live a life of their dreams, free from mom guilt. Get her Free 21 Days to You Thoughts Cards here. Follow her on Instagram here.

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Why I Broke Down Mentally While Striving for Work/Life Balance

“Maybe it’s time for the fighter to be fought for, the holder to be held, and the lover to be loved.” ~Unknown

I was breastfeeding my infant son when he bit me. That bite set the stage for a deeper unraveling then I could have ever imagined.

I unlatched him, handed him to my husband, and got in my car. As I was driving I began to lose the feeling in my hands and feet. My vision started to blur, and my breathing was fast and shallow. I was terrified I was not going to make it back home. …