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Kirsten Tulsian is a mother, fourth grade teacher, and counselor. She has a MEd in School Counseling. Her desire to write and publish children’s books led her to start a blog in December of 2011. She strives to find the magic of the unseen world and find purpose in this human experience.

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Start the Climb: Take One Purposeful Step

Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.” ~H. Jackson Browne

When I close my eyes and ponder the dreams that I have, the hopes and wishes that I cradle in my heart, I wonder what has prevented me from reaching for and achieving them. Oh, I come up with a whole slew of excuses, sometimes disguised as “reasons.”

The seeker of my truth fires back with a rebuttal most of the time.

“It is better to attempt and fail than fail to make any attempt at all,” it says in response to …