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Kolyanne Russ is the founder of Pinch of Attitude, a blog that focuses on attitude-building, self-improvement, and lifestyle design. She helps people draw an action plan to achieve a balance between success and happiness. Her goal is to share her personal experiences to help others build the life of their dreams and experience happiness in every area of their life.

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Think You’re Not Good Enough? How to Stop Holding Yourself Back

“Stop holding yourself back. If you aren’t happy, make a change.” ~Unknown

Growing up in a culture where physical beauty determines how successful you are in finding a job, a suitable husband, and a promising career, and most importantly, bringing honor to your family reputation, I was a disappointment to my family, especially to my mother.

She was the definition of a perfect beauty—5’6″, slim, big eyes, high-bridged nose, perfect skin, and gifted with charisma. I was the opposite.

As I got older, my mother’s negative words got louder and louder. They were a constant reminder that I wasn’t good