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Kristen Chin is a writer who also loves to give speeches, do improv, and act. She is a proud and very active member of her local Toastmasters club, which is part of the international public speaking and leadership organization, Toastmasters International. Visit her blog, kristenharriet.com, for inspiration on facing fears and courageous living!

How My Gratitude Journal Has Made Life More Fulfilling and Fun

“Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be genuine. But most of all, be thankful.” ~Unknown

Have you ever tried to keep a daily journal?

How long did you last?

I’ve tried to keep one many times in my life, and I have failed every time. The longest I’ve ever kept a journal was for a measly two weeks, in a Google Doc, with my college roommates as a way to keep in touch, before I got bored and stopped.

For the last four months, though, I’ve managed to write in my journal every day. The trick, for me, has been to keep …