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Kylie is a connection and workplace wellbeing expert at Happi Matters, bringing more of what it means to be human to workplaces. Kylie has recently launched The Good2Connect Project, a 30-day program for workplaces that want to connect their teams on a whole new level. Good2Connect combines both individual and team activities centered around connection and wellbeing that provide an exciting program not yet seen in the marketplace. Connect with Happi Matters here on Insta or LinkedIn.

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Why We’re Afraid of Real Connection and Why We Need Deeper Conversations Now

“It’s one of the great paradoxes of the human condition—we ask some variation of the question ‘How are you feeling?’ over and over, which would lead one to assume that we attach some importance to it.  And yet we never expect or desire—or provide—an honest answer.” ~Mark Brackett, Ph.D., Permission to Feel

I used to feel so satisfied if I had made them cry.

Not in a twisted, sadistic way.

I just knew once things went quiet and they felt safe, we could peel back enough layers, the tears would flow, and we could finally get to the truth. The …