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Laurel Moll is a healthy food and lifestyle writer, fitness instructor, certified holistic health coach, and author of the plant-based cookbook, Going Back for Seconds. Connect with Laurel on InstagramTwitter, and her food blog.

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A Simple 5-Minute Habit That Can Make You Happier

“Gratitude creates joy—not vice versa.” ~Dr. Brené Brown

To be blunt, my summer of 2013 sucked. In a matter of months, a tidal wave of stressful events happened and it completely shattered my sense of safety. I was on the verge of a serious depression.

The summer began with a broken heart. The love of my life, the man I planned to marry, broke up with me and admitted he had wanted to leave for the past year.

In a matter of minutes, my dreams of starting a family and living happily ever after were crushed. It caught me so …