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LJ’s life motto comes from her favorite Yogi Tea quote that she keeps on her bathroom mirror, “Live Light, Travel Light, Be the Light.” She has a cozy home in New York City that she shares with her beautiful fiancee and their perfect little kittens. Visit her at LaurenJennings.net.

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Overcoming Sugar Addiction: A Guide to Breaking the Sweets Cycle

“Its not until your eyes adjust to the dark that you can finally grasp—and if you let it—be astonished, by the light of your own being.” ~Andréa Balt

Sugar was my best friend, my confidant, and my (not so secret) love. She provided me comfort and companionship. I went to her when I was happy, sad, anxious, excited, celebratory, scared, and broken-hearted. Social gatherings were centered around my infatuation with her.

I loved the taste, the experience, the social aspect. I loved the visual experience, the artistry, the display case of the perfectly frosted cupcakes and dusting …