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Leigh Burns is a writer of human-interest articles and is currently penning her first book, which promises to be relatable, bittersweet, and intriguing. Leigh hails from a small town in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and has a background in medical writing, educational writing, and marketing. Leigh is a mum to one teen daughter and has an innate love of horses, the Australian outback, and a well-brewed pot of Earl Grey tea.

I Won’t Let My Losses Break Me: How I’m Choosing Growth

Loss is confronting. But I ask you to please walk beside me while I address this most challenging aspect of life.

Losing those we love.

While loss is inevitable, it is something that we always think happens to others.

Until it happens to us.

The last six months I have had a steep learning curve on loss.

The spiral began in May this year.

On May 18th, my partner suddenly walked out. I was blindsided. Heartbroken. I would later learn the truth about his duplicity. But that is fodder for a memoir at a later date.

Two weeks …