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Lucie Wilk is a medical doctor and author. She is committed to revitalizing the healthcare system from the ground up, educating for health empowerment. She has founded Life Suture, a website dedicated to providing people with the tools and knowledge to create healthy and fulfilled lives. You can connect on her website or twitter @lifesuture.

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Feeling Trapped? Step into the Unknown and Set Yourself Free

“Dont call it uncertainty—call it wonder. Dont call it insecurity—call it freedom.” ~Osho

My daughter loves birds. So, as a treat, we all went to a Bird of Prey center near to where we live. Here in the UK, there is a long tradition of keeping these birds. As stated on one hawking site, falconry is “the noble sporting art of flying trained birds of prey.”

Noble or not, I have an issue with keeping birds captive. I had hoped that, in the center we would be visiting, these would be rescue birds.

They weren’t.

They …

3 Tips to Help You Stop Saying Things You Regret

“If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind.” ~Buddha

I initially saw this quote and, in true ego-first fashion, thought of my kids: this’ll be perfect for them. I’ll put it up in the kitchen as a regular reminder to stop pestering each other.

But then, something a bit deeper poked me gently. Riiight, just for the kids, is it? You’ve got this mastered, then. I guess my true self is not afraid to use sarcasm when it needs to.

My true self was right (as it always is). When …