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Luke Jones is the creator of Health Room, the site he uses to explore and share ideas in plant based nutrition, movement, mindfulness and sustainability. He recently wrote an eBook on forming lasting healthy habits, which you can get here free: The Health Room Starter Guide.

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How to Change Your Habits and Your Life in 5 Steps

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” ~Frederick Douglass

We all experience struggles. Some are seemingly insurmountable. Others, like mine, are comparatively small. Regardless of their scale, it’s what we learn from our struggles that counts.

Mine began while at university in London. Originally from a small town in the Welsh valleys, the move to the big city was a scary one for me.

A mum’s boy at heart, I didn’t deal well with being so far away from home. I’m also an introvert who didn’t embrace the uni lifestyle of drinking to failure, so I didn’t make …