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Liz Luna is a love coach and founder of meanttobelove.com. She teaches women how to shift their mindset in love so they can awaken their power to attract the right partner for them. Though she believes happiness is an inside job, she also believes everyone is deserving of love, and she's here to guide you through the steps. Follow @meanttobelove on Instagram.

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What Heartbreak Taught Me About Creating My Own Happiness

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” ~Stephen Chbosky

A few years ago I was completely heartbroken, and I thought I would never find love. I’d gone through a string of painful breakups over a number of years, but I thought I’d finally met someone I could be with for the long haul. I’d been dating this guy for a few months, and everything seemed to be going smoothly, until one day he stopped calling. Just like that, he disappeared from my life. It was as if we had never met.

What was worse, he didn’t tell me why …