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Mallie Rydzik is an online business coach and digital marketing strategist who teaches overeducated and underfulfilled Millennials how to sell their expertise online while maintaining life-work balance. She writes and podcasts about the future of work, self-care, digital marketing, and online business strategy at The Off-Road Millennial.

Radically Accept What Is Instead of Labeling it “Good” or “Bad”

“The boundary to what we can accept is the boundary to our freedom.” ~Tara Brach

I was in the heart of my Ph.D. program when I received the diagnoses: OCD, depression, and binge eating disorder.

It explained a lot, of course. All those years of anxiety, self-doubt, and intrusive thoughts were not normal after all. Eating to the point of gaining forty pounds in a few months was foreign to most people.

I wanted an explanation. Why me?

I had done everything right: I made a decent living, I was kind to everyone, and I was presenting my scientific …