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Manda Lai is a physician and Co-Founder of a little dose of happy (aldohappy, "all do happy"), a mission, mindset, and movement dedicated to spreading happiness throughout the world. She is passionate about helping people find and cultivate happiness through doing happy, i.e. purposeful action, including kindness, gratitude, empathy, relationship building, and self-care. Visit the a little dose of happy blog to find tips and resources on how to infuse happiness into everyday life.

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Looking Back: The Silver Linings of the Pandemic and Why I’m Grateful

“You gotta look for the good in the bad, the happy in the sad, the gain in your pain, and what makes you grateful, not hateful.” ~Karen Salmansohn

The 2010 decade was difficult for me. Hardly a year went by without someone close to me passing away.

When the tragic decade started, I was in the midst of my residency training and free time was a luxury I did not have. When I graduated and became an attending physician, I was too busy caring for patients on my own to take a break.

In 2018, my world was shattered …