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Mara Petrovsky is an MBA candidate with a concentration in Human Capital Management & Organization Behavior. She is focusing on leadership development and the promotion of positive and nurturing work environments that commit to the balance of personal and professional growth. Visit Mara on LinkedIn.

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The Joy and Peace That Gratitude Brings

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart.”  -Jean Baptiste Massieu

Several months ago I was invited by the man I was newly seeing to come to one of his meditation classes. He’d been going through an incredibly tumultuous and painful time in his personal life; he realized that his family unit, which he had always seen as perfect, was human and flawed. That seemed to break something in his spirit.

He turned to meditation as a source of re-centering himself. In addition to the deep breathing, one of the cornerstones of meditation practice is gratitude—finding at least one thing every