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Martin Gagnon, a certified meditation and mindfulness instructor and founder of Mellow Mainer Meditation, recognizes the stress relief of meditation and outdoor activity. His organization combines one-on-one meditation coaching and guided nature excursions. More information about his services can be found at www.mellowmainermeditation.com. An avid hiker and nature enthusiast, Marty loves to spend time outdoors. He also loves blues music and watching old Bob Ross episodes. Happy little trees are cool.

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3 Ways My Anxiety Has Helped Me Love Better

“Quiet people have the loudest minds.” ~Dr. Stephen Hawking

I have wonderful family and friends and have always hoped that I would pass along a helpful legacy. Lessons for them to remember, memories to smile about, and love to lean into during hard times. For years, though, it seemed like the biggest thing I was passing down to my exhausted wife, flustered and at times terrified kids, and friends was my struggles with anxiety.

As my anxiety grew and the panic attacks came, I grew apart from those I needed the most. Hard for a son and wife to connect …