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Meg Hartley has written for Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, Life Hack and Teen Vogue, among others.  Her new book is called How I Lost All My F-cks, a one-month experience that will have you losing all yours!

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Do You Constantly Think and Worry About Your Relationships?

“When you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure you’re not saying ‘no’ to yourself.” ~Paulo Coelho

Sometimes it’s easy to define ourselves by our roles and relationships.

We can look at ourselves as a daughter, or someone’s employee, or so …

How to Live a Full Life and Smile Your Way Through It

“There are only two mantras, yum and yuck, mine is yum.” ~Tom Robbins

I recently had my thirty-first birthday. I am officially in my thirties. This leads to reflection; what have I accomplished with my time as an adult?

I …