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Michelle Kennedy is a director of marketing and adjunct communications professor at the University of San Diego, an on-camera performance coach and published author. Her book, Don’t Pee in the Wetsuit: A Worldwide Romp Through Grief, Laughter and Forgiveness, is about grieving the loss of a parent on a rollicking trip around the world. You can learn more about her work at: oncameraperformancecoach.com.

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The Life-Changing Benefits of Two-Minute Meditations

“Smile, breathe, and go slowly.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

I felt everything, from my lower back pain flaring up to tightness in my jaw where I clinch and carry my stress. With my eyes still closed, I rolled my shoulders and repositioned the pillow under my butt. Five minutes had passed, and I had no idea how I would ever make it to forty.

I opened my left eye to see if anyone around me was fidgeting as well and saw rows of people sitting in perfect, cross-legged lotus position with straight necks and relaxed jaws next to me.

Our teacher, …