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Nancy Sherr is a mother, a fitness-lover, and creator of A Zestful Life, coaching bravehearted women through Big. Life. Change. She is informed by 25 years of corporate finance and start-up consulting, coach trained under Martha Beck, Ph.D., and is an enthused student of positive psychology. Nancy’s programs include 1:1 private coaching and her signature group program, Society of Zestful Living.

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7 Tips to Challenge Perfectionism: Enjoy More and Worry Less

“Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor.” ~Anne Lamott

I originally planned to write this post a month ago. The topic was interesting, and it was one that I was sure most people could relate to. I mean, who hasn’t wrestled with the issue of perfectionism at some point?

One after another, notions and examples of perfectionism flowed steadily from my mind onto my notepad. And when I ran those ideas by a few friends, each of them shared their own stories about how the need to be perfect at something had negatively affected their lives.

Simply put, there was …