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Nathan Peterson is a singer-songwriter, speaker, and author of over 25 years. Known for his raw, emotive music and profound insights into the human experience, Nathan's body of work seeks to support culture's deepening sense of presence and connection in life. For more about Nathan, and to join his weekly newsletter, visit nathanpeterson.net.

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How I Cherished Every Beautiful Moment of My Daughter’s Short Life

In the spring of 2012, I heard this word, “rest.” I realized how horrible I was at it. I wasn’t even sure what it was. Was it extra sleep? Was it not working on Sundays? Shortly after I heard this word, my life began changing. For one reason or another, one by one, the things with which I occupied myself were stripped away until I found myself with nothing left to hold.

A year later I was in a panic, wondering how we were going to make ends meet. Everything in me said to do what I had always done: …