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Nikki Mark founded the TM23 Foundation to honor her eldest son who passed away in 2018.  After a 20+ year career developing Los Angeles based startups, Nikki embarked on an unconventional journey to heal her heart.  She doesn’t wish her experience upon anyone, but she wishes for everyone all that she has learned. Nikki’s first memoir will be released on 1/23/24, and her weekly articles and free gifts can be found at Nikkimark.com.

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How This Dog Person Learned to Embrace Her Inner Cat

“It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.” ~Joaquin Phoenix

Earlier this year, I went to Egypt with a small group of friends.

“Egypt will activate something ancient in you,” I was told by one of them. “You have to go.”

Egypt wasn’t exactly on my bucket list, but in the span of one year, three different people had told me I needed to visit the country, so when the opportunity presented itself, I did.

The trip was organized by one of my favorite mystics, who thoughtfully designed it around the individual healing needs of …