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Nona Jordan is the founder of Nona Jordan Coaching. She works internationally with solo-business owners seeking a holistic and positive approach to personal and professional success. As a CPA, yoga instructor, and life coach, she is passionate about helping others recognize that by committing to personal change, the world changes.

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6 Steps to Work Through the Pain of Change

“Change is the only constant.” ~Heraclitus

Life can be a constant barrage of new and exciting experiences. Still, even the most savvy and confident of us can get thrown off balance during the unexpected changes life throws our way.

My husband’s job means that we move—a lot. I dislike moving, but every time there is an opportunity to move through the pain and find a new sense of peace.

There is nothing I could do, short of leaving my husband, to change that we move often. But I love him, and almost all other elements of our lives …