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Paul Petrone grew up in the small town of Salem, Connecticut, moved to San Francisco in 2016, and now lives in New York City. Paul is passionate about writing and the spiritual journey and is grateful he got to put both together for his book, How I Found Peace: 14 Revelations That Cleared My Mind. Learn more about Paul on his website, paulpetroneauthor.com.

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How I’ve Released the Heavy Weight of My Persistent Guilt

“No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worry can change the future.” ~Umar

Every emotion is felt by the body in a different way.

Pain can be sharp and biting, with a desire to lash out. Anxiety can also be sharp and biting, but with a desire to lash within. Sadness can feel like your body turning into stone, making every step seem impossible.

We all feel these emotions at times, but holding onto them is what causes damage. We must learn to shed them, as any “negative” emotion, if held on for too long, …