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Pete is a young, energetic, life loving “thoughtrepreneur." An engineer by training, he has found himself as an inspirational and thought-provoking writer. His primary goal is to help people to lead "grounded and thrilling lives" through thought and idea sharing. His website with blogs, art, and soon-to-be book promotion can be found at www.thelifeodyssey.com.

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How and Why I Stopped Binge Drinking

“Good habits are hard to form and easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to form and hard to live with. Pay attention. Be aware. If we don’t consciously form good ones, we will unconsciously form bad ones.” ~Mark Matteson

I am an extreme person. I have always done things at 100%. I worked my hardest in high school in order to attend the best college so that I could attend the best graduate program so that I could get the best job earning the most money. I not only went to these institutions, I did very well at …