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As the owner of Emergent Voice, Rachel Browne is a doula for existence. She guides individuals to fulfill their unique life potential by helping uncover their truth and materialize their gifts in the world. Through her existential approach, she facilitates self-discovery, knowledge, and becoming, helping shepherd people along the path of actualization. Get to know her by booking a free tea now at emergent-voice.com.

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The Tremendous Pain and Beauty of Letting Things Die

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” ~Joseph Campbell

My husband Jake and I sit in anguish on our beautiful new linen couch, inches away from each other, yet worlds apart. Hours of arguing have left us at another impasse, the stalemate now a decade long.

I look around in despair at the beautiful life we built together, petrified by the decision I know I have to make. My partner, my friends, the country I live in, the ground beneath my feet—all on the brink of collapse.

I stare at the ceiling in heartache. What will