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Rachel Small is a freelance editor, writer, lover of words, yoga enthusiast, and music extremist. She believes life should be lived with passion (and, of course, vanilla lattes and red wine). Visit her at http://freelancingtofreedom.com.

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Active Contentment: 5 Tips to Have Both Peace and Ambition

“Peace is not merely a distant goal we seek but a means by which we arrive at that goal.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Stress equals success.

I wholeheartedly believed this for many years. Who had led me so astray? I have only myself to blame.

The concept of peace had no practical application in my life. Peace was something that was necessary in war-torn countries, not in my mind.

This toxic belief began in college. The library often felt like a boxing ring where my fellow students and I competed to be the most stressed out.

Who had the most …