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Raquel Bravo is a writer, blogger, and respiratory therapist. She is the creator of the blog, Stillness Within where she hosts both writers and artists with different backgrounds. You can contact her via email thestillnesswithus@gmail.com or find her on Instagram @thestillnesswithinus where she shares inspirational quotes and stories.

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How We Can Overcome Our Obstacles When We Don’t Believe It’s Possible

“If we can see past perceived limitations, then the possibilities are endless.” ~Amy Purdy

Nature inspires me. There are hidden messages consistently on display. On my daily walks, I find myself interpreting these messages in relation to my life.

One day, near the end of my walk, I was paying attention to the trees. A giant one caught my eye. Its magnificence was portrayed as morning sunlight peeked through the branches and bright green leaves.

I noticed the enormity of its trunk, and then I saw the crooked fence.

The giant tree trunk had grown so big that it pushed …

How We Can Let People Go When a Relationship Runs Its Course

“Sometimes it takes relationships that don’t last forever to teach us lessons that will.” ~Unknown

I recently had to let go of a friendship I had been in for almost eight years.

In the first few years of knowing each other, we had magnetic pulls. Each time we would arrange to hang out, it was as if time stood still. We talked and shared so much of each other that sometimes five whole hours would pass by as if it had been only minutes.

We texted each other, sent long emails, and would arrange coffee dates when our lives weren’t …