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Rebecca B is the founder of an ASMR wellness service called WhisperWave. Having worked one-on-one with hundreds of people in her private practice, she learned a lot about the nature of touch and who is not getting enough of it. Over and over again, she has seen clients with anxiety or mood disorders leave a session feeling reborn, all thanks to the power of gentle, focused touch. Her passion and mission is to educate others on the importance of physical contact. Visit her at www.whisperwavenyc.com.

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ASMR: The Powerful Practice That Helped Me Let People In

“For the person that needs to see this today: Your heart will heal, your tears will dry, your season will change. Rest tonight, knowing the storm will end.” ~Unknown

Like many people, I didn’t have the easiest time growing up. Between having a toxic family upbringing and being bullied, I learned to trust nobody and keep to myself. Being naturally bold and self-sufficient enabled me to move through the world independently, relying on as few people as possible. Living this way was the closest experience to safety I could reference.

Over the years, my lifestyle of hyper-independence increased, and I …